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Marc Chagall

DLM, Derrière le Miroir

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DLM - Derrière le miroir nº44-45

Andere Künstler in dieser Revue : Texts by G. Bachelard, Charles Estienne and by A. Vollard

Issue "Derrière le Miroir". Texts by Gaston Bachelard ("La lumière des origines"), by Charles Estienne ("Le mur des Fables") and by Ambroise Vollard ("J'édite Les Fables de La Fontaine et je choisis Chagall comme illustrateur"), illustrated with 2 original lithographs in colors (in double page) and with reproductions. Maeght Ed., Paris. Edition : Circa 2500 copies. Number : Unnumbered. Paper : Strong vellum. Dimensions of the illustrations : 56 x 38 cm (lithographs). Dimensions of the issue : 28 x 38 cm. Ref. : Catalogue "Derrière le Miroir, 1946-1982", p. 28. Exhibition of the first 6 sculptures, mural ceramics, 30 earthenware and 102 etchings engraved for ?the Fables? by La Fontaine, published by Tériade.