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Here are 3 print(s) that are on sale exclusively for the benefit of the elderly "Ladies of my street". Often lonely, they don't ask for anything, go out seldom, slowly and unsteadily walk (when they can). We think especially of those who have both trivial means and have virtually no ability to move. Modestly and by this simple gesture of solidarity, we thought we could help a little.

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    We opt for simplicity and repose confidence in you. This is not an association, just a solemn undertaking on our part that all proceeds from these sales go to the elderly ladies own benefit. You will find here a set of prints (etchings, lithographs and serigraphs); this section will be enriched every next update (every two months). We are well aware that the money gained will probably be modest and are launching this section as one throw a bottle into the sea. To provide a small improvement of the daily life (delivering of food baskets for example), or to offer the possibility to provide an accompanist for a drive an hour or two (just to enjoy the sun and exchanged words!), or to go to a doctor's visit. We are sure that "the Ladies of my street" will appreciate it. This is just the beginning of this project; we do not hide that we'll seek, in the near future, a few artist-friends to feed and further improve the selection of works; we believe they will support this cause with enthusiasm. "The frogs at the bottom of the well think that the sky is round." (Chinese proverb). Let us widen the circle of Marie, or that of Leonie or that of... John (of course, this topic could also have been called "Gentlemen of my street!"). Off charity, with dignity. Thank you in advance. Michelle Champetier and her team.

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