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Catalogue(s) raisonné(s)

Catalogue(s) raisonné(s)
* « Uncini. Catalogo ragionato », Bruno Corà, Ed. Silvana (Fondazione VAF), 2008 All the catalogues raisonnés

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To read from or about the artist :
* « Giuseppe Uncini. Scultore / Bildhauner 1929-2008 », Gabriella Belli, Bruno Corà, et autres, catalogue d'expositions, Ed. Skira, Milan, 2008
* « Giuseppe Uncini. A carte scoperte », Giorgio Bonomi, catalogue d'exposition, Galleria Gilardi, Livourne, 2010
* « Giuseppe Uncini. Il cemento disegnato. Opere su carta 1957/2006 », Franco Fanelli, Giacinto di Pietrantonio, Ed. Silvana Editoriale, 2010
* « Uncini. I primi e gli ultimi », Bruno Corà, Italo Tomassoni, catalogue d'exposition, CIAC, Foligno, Ed. Silvana Editoriale, 2011
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Art movements

  • + LYRIC ART, ABSTRACT, TACHISM / 1950-1960 / Jackson Pollock, Emil Schumacher, etc.
  • + ARTE POVERA / 1966-1971 / Giovanni Anselmo, Pier Paolo Calzolari, Luciano Fabro, Jannis Kounellis, Mario Merz, Marisa Merz, Giulio Paolini, Pino Pascali, Giuseppe Penone, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Gilberto Zorio, etc
  • + MODERN SCULPTURE / 1930-1970 / William Kenneth Armiage, Constantin Brancusi, Anthony Caro, Naum Gabo, Pablo Gargallo, Isamu Noguchi, etc.
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Artists on display

The art and the artists display: proclamations, galleries, museums, personal or collective exhibitions. On walls or in shop windows, wise or rebels, posters warn, argue, show. Some were specially conceived by an artist for such or such event, other, colder, have only the letter.

Some were created in lithographic technic, most are simple offset reproductions. They are many those who like collecting these rectangles of paper, monochrome or in games of colours, in matt paper or brilliant, with many words or almost dumb.

We are happy also to be able to greet, by this pages, mythical galleries as those of Denise René, Louis Carré, Claude Bernard, Berheim Jeune, Maeght, Pierre Loeb and others.

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