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In the mid 19th century, the United States and Europe passed several commercial treaties with Japan. These new ties allowed Westerners to discover Japanese art and artists. Their preference went especially to Utamaro and Hokusai. From then on, Japanese objets d’art, Japanese engravings and woodcuts exercised an influence on Western painting, architecture, and design. This spawned a new reflection which was to be felt in various artistic movements, such as Impressionism, the school of Pont-Aven, Nabis, Art Nouveau. The review Japon artistique became very popular among art connoisseurs. Drawing their inspiration from kakemonos, Western artists chose to paint on square canvases or tall, narrow ones, which were new, unusual formats at the time. They contrasted flat and vivid tones to suggest substance and volume, and they often outlined their drawings in black. They favored irregular shapes, stylization of vermiculated or floral motifs as well as elegant curves.

Artists not in gallery : Edgar Degas, Vincent Van Gogh, etc.

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XXth century art movements