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New Primitivism was a reaction against Symbolim. It first developed in Russia between 1907 and 1912. In order to nourish their inspiration, the New Primitives went back to their roots and started painting after the fashion of Russian folk art and the ancient icons. They also explored children’s art and its naive style. They favored subjects related to daily life: scenes of the lives of craftsmen, merchants, farmers, and soldiers. Using vivid colors, they developed a style of painting that was simplified without losing any of its power of expression. Various exhibits were organized; the 1907 Moscow show, La Guirlande-Stephanos, was the first one to present the Russian avant-garde. Organized by Bourliouk, it clearly sent a negative statement against academic and symbolic art then in vogue.

Artists not in gallery : David Bourliouk, Martiros Sarian, Vladimir Tatline, etc.

Artists in gallery : , .


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