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Purism focused on the representation of the objects of daily life. In the early 1920’s, Léger, LeCorbusier and Ozenfant developed a new style of painting. They presented the underlying theory in the review L’Esprit Nouveau, published between 1920 and 1925. In 1918, Le Corbusier, together with Ozenfant, authored the book Après le Cubisme, which may be considered as the Purist manifesto. The movement was all about moderation and rigor in painting. Synthetic forms sharply delineated fitted into one another and composition was mostly frontal. The style verged on abstraction, especially with Ozenfant. In order to produce an impression of flatness, of neutrality, color was applied on the canvas in flat surfaces with no visible brush strokes.

Artists not in gallery : Marcelle Cahn, Otto Gustav Carlsund, etc.

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