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Born around 1912, this movement inherits at the same time ot the Cubism, of the Orphism (Delaunay) and of the Italian Futurism, whose general proclamation appears as of March 8 in a Russian newspaper. Mikhail Larionov contributes vigorously to the creation of this new pictorial style; in 1913, the artist organizes the exhibition "La Cible", whose title refers to works of Delaunay, to which take part Malevitch and Marc Chagall; on this occasion, he publishes its proclamation, Rayonnism. Beyond these references, this movement forms its identity starting from the theory of the "man-rays", according to the expression of another Russian artist, Vélimir Khlebnikov: painting, while making visible the radiation which binds an object to its medium, is detached from the figuration to express only the vibrations. Larionov says itself, the "supreme importance is given to the color". Except some letters or notes of music, any figurative representation disappeared. The elements of the landscape are dilated in the radiation of the color. The artist managed to dissolve the forms. This demonstration of abstract painting is also called futurism.

Artists not in gallery : Wladimir Burliuk, Mikhaïl Ledentu, etc.

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