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Jaume Ribas

"I want to feel the strength, harmony and order in their pure state, in a direct confrontation, without any figurative interference."


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Jaume Ribas is born in 1944 in Granollers (Spain), a town near Barcelona. Early in his career, two factors strongly influence the nature of his artistic work; on the one hand, the Mediterranean landscape of his childhood and, on the other hand, the discovery of the work of Gaudi. Jaume Ribas studies initially philosophy and theology, alongside starting to paint landscapes and still life as a self-taught.
In order to deepen his knowledge, as his technique, on painting, he studies art at the EINA School (Barcelona) where, besides, he exhibits in 1979. His first true solo exhibition is held in 1980 (The Gallery Tralla). During this initial period, until 1988, the human figure, landscape and still life are the preferred subjects of his compositions, with influences of Cezanne, Matisse or neoclassical works such as Torres Garcia and Puvis de Chavannes.
In Berlin, the artist takes a turn in the summer of 1988 and his new paintings are exhibited the following year at the Edition Schoen Galery (Berlin). Ribas divides his time between Berlin and Barcelona in the 90s; then he exhibits with great regularity in Spain, Switzerland and Germany. The new way of Jaume Ribas expresses real spaces filtered by the memory of the artist; the forms are generally more simple and geometric. His compositions are like calligraphy, with patterns and rhythmic pathways that affect the eye and guide it.
Ribas said: "My work comes from an internal projection which crystallizes in a geometric model".
In the mid-90s, lines and forms of construction have become prevalent in the works of the artist and his creations are based on a juxtaposition system and the cross of octagonal shapes. The creation of Jaume Ribas goes towards a tradition of both European and American painting that might be called the constructivist.
His works are then exhibited in Holland, the United Kingdom and the United States, and in national and international Art Exhibitions (Saga of Paris, Art Cologne, Artgràfic in Barcelona, etc.). His work is represented in many museums and important private collections. Alongside his paintings, Jaume Ribas produces a large graphic work and realizes illustrations - also by means of etching and lithography - for the bibliophiles editions.

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Complete work(s)

Complete work(s)
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