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Béatrice de Domenico

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Béatrice de Domenico

Poèmes de fil de fer

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From 01/06/2006to 30/09/2006
Diese Texte sind nur auf Französisch, wir bitten um Entschuldigung.This scientist balances between poetry and drawing is played here on a thin wire. Wire of iron, copper, brass or gold, nude or sheathed wire of black. Creations of Beatrice de Domenico are not afraid of their shade, they claim them ; thus the light projects a double who has its importance, of course duplicate grayed by the heart of the light which is posted on a wall, but especially by its complicity with this one or that one which claims to be the original. Will one stick itself to the Other ? It will escape? While looking at well, the support on which live the shade is the main element of an eternal marriage in triangle! Is it smoothes, blue, red or black? Is it white to take part in a strong description of the double and thus of the original creation? Having function useful and necessary structures for future sculptures, its skeletons of twisted wire "drowned" during years in the resin ; perhaps the rich presence of their full and their vacuums which awaited an announced disappearance obliged the artist to take them into account. The heart of the things, like human beings, must be proposed and Beatrice was solved there little by little. Imagination, dexterity, the poetic vision of the artist made the remainder. For the pleasure of those who looks at being played a multitude of new canvas from only one and same creation, because it is always the light which here draw on the strings and, as each one should know, the light is eternally new. The man must endeavour to learn how to look from every angle. Work of art or feeling, it is the same! Beatrice weaves her merry poems of wire, lives and works in Nice.

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