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Sandra Corallo


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From 02/05/2017to 17/09/2017
Diese Texte sind nur auf Französisch, wir bitten um Entschuldigung.Sandra Corallo is born in Nice in 1973. From her earliest days, she spends her time drawing, cutting out and gluing. At 17, she obviously choses art studies and joins the art preparatory school at the Bosio Pavillon  in Monaco. She learns many different techniques and starts developing her own expression. Sandra follows her path at the Fine Arts School in Toulouse (1993-1998) where she gets her degree with high honors. The following year she gets a one-year scholarship in Roma. 
Her first personal exhibition takes place in Rodez in 1997. Meanwhile in Toulouse with 9 others artists she organizes a group called "Articule dégrippant" and an association named "Mixar't myris" which realize exhibitions, performances and experimental music concerts. 
In 2000, Sandra Corallo will see her work exhibited in several exhibitions. In Avignon ("Parcours de l'Art"), she displays a series of objects-paintings (mixed technique) where human beings are represented as a complex system of plumbing linked to nature. Two years later (2002), the artist is selected for the Contemporary Art Biennial in Nîmes where she shows a setting made of etchings on latex, work on skin where the skin is presented as a memory of our traumatisms just like a tattoo. 
After that, she regularly joins collective and individual exhibitions in France and abroad. 
Picasso, Cocteau and Bacon, Louise Bourgeois, Jean Dubuffet and Robert Malaval greatly influence her, each one on different aspects. She also likes to quote new realists, Dada and Fluxus movements. 
Sandra Corallo gets her inspiration in her daily life. Her work nourishes from her observations and her experiences. She keeps wondering about mankind and how it relates to natural, mineral, vegetal and animal environments. She uses elements of nature, does experiments with fire, water and earth,. . . and assembles improbable elements, just like chimeras she forms and deforms. 
The work of Sandra Corallo speaks of the turpitudes of man, like an echo-sounder, to extirpate a sort of light dream pinned then on canvas or paper. It is the duality of the world, its violence, its own anger. She tries to subdue the monster we shelter. Seeing our bodies deformed by strange adversities, and laughing at it without suffering. Sandra Corallo invents her own themes and plays with them. She leaves room for chance aiming at provoking an event.
We are sure you'll enjoy discovering Sandra Corallo's work.

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