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Jullien Clément

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From 14/02/2018to 15/09/2018
Diese Texte sind nur auf Französisch, wir bitten um Entschuldigung.Born in 1948 in Marseille, Félix Clément is the great-grandson of the XIXth century orientalist painter Jullien Clément ; he lives and works in the Var region away from the bustle. Visual artist, sculptor, etcher, his vocation for arts came late. He's already 40 when his vocation turns out to be obvious, first attracted to sculpture. Self-taught artist, his first exhibition is organized in Marseille in 1998. It will be the beginning of a long series of personal and collective exhibitions (Grand Palais, Espace Pierre Cardin, Paris Hôtel de Ville, etc). In 1998, Jullien Clément does two trainings that will count in his artistic career : one at an art caster's near Cluny then the other one at the Coubertin Foundation. In his work as a sculptor, his main themes are animal world, the universe of myths he interprets in a surrealistic way sometimes even philosophical. His approach of sculpture is purely empirical but little by little will grow and intensify through different experiences. Largely rewarded, his sculpture will gain awards and honours on a regular basis.
At the end of 2012, Jullien Clément discovers prints and more specifically etchings. He throws everything he has on the matrix - most often zinc - learning different techniques, realizing drypoints, etchings and aquatints, mixed techniques prints, linocuts. There are many bridges between sculpture and etching and many are those who expressed themselves in both disciplines with the same joy considering that material takes a special place in both (Alberto Giacometti of course, but also artists such as Berto Lardera, Henri-Georges Adam, Henry Moore, Marino Marini, Eduardo Chillida  and so many others).  Jullien Clément will be part of the French Artists Show the following year in 2013 then in 2014; in 2015 he will exhibit his work at the National Society of Fine Arts in Paris where he got awarded the bronze medal. More recently at the 2017 Triennal in Chamalières or again in the context of « Impressions 2017 » in Barbizon.
The artist's etched work is profuse, a real graphical narration offering a finer point, pointing out the artist's imagination with spontaneity and obvious freedom, mixing his own phantasmagoric visions to an academic background, blending humor, irony and existential anxiety. He is totally accepting spacio-temporal gaps correlated to fantastic worlds. Don't get wrong even if his work seems crazy, the artist addresses meaningful issues where he is firmly commited to shift towards a different world. We are convinced you'll be happy to share with us Jullien Clément's work.

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