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Jean-Pierre David

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From 17/03/2023to 17/09/2023
Jean-Pierre David was born in Bordeaux in 1960. Art? His earliest memory of a pencil in hand goes back to childhood. Strangely enough, a big step forward came during his period of military service, where he learned to "travel light": a simple rotring and a few sheets of paper were enough to earn him a small reputation in his barracks. He drew more and more, questioned himself about both art and existence, and made progress. He showed his work, occasionally exhibited it, but the results were minimal, even derisory.  
Self-taught, Jean-Pierre David considers himself a contemplative, feeding himself exclusively on observation, he likes the slow rhythm imposed by observation where dreams and reality mix.  Despite material difficulties and disappointing experiences, he continues. He decided to take up copperplate engraving. The initial objective was to try to make a time-consuming practice profitable by the multiplicity of prints, but this was not to be! He "held on" for two years, smoothing out the difficulties associated with this demanding chisel technique one by one, without the slightest outside advice or documentation. "I taught myself to engrave, but also to print, which is a second profession. The last obstacle was to sell the resulting product," he writes.
Galleries seemed inaccessible to him, his meagre resources did not allow him to develop the projects he had in mind, this "world" did not correspond to him; he decided not to insist. He then led a more conventional life with alternating periods of work and unemployment for several years, keeping engraving as a hobby, but not feeling like himself.
Chance puts him back on the right path. Chance of a walk and some Plexiglas scraps left on a pavement. The link with engraving imposes itself on his mind and the desire to try this new medium allows him to reconnect with Art. Jean-Pierre David threw himself into it, and received a few orders that encouraged him.
This work of engraving on Plexiglas has now been going on for 25 years in Bordeaux in a small flat which also serves as his workshop. He participates in several exhibitions. The isolation of the pandemic encourages him to open a new chapter in his means of expression: he draws with a stylus on his computer screen.
His almost exclusive themes are the animal world, sometimes dreamlike, nature, water (the sea).
The artist has a website that you can visit:
We hope you will enjoy discovering some of his work.

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