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Marysia Milewski

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Marysia Milewski

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From 06/07/2007to 01/12/2007
Although Marysia Milewski is of Polish extraction ,she is born in… London, lives and works in the south of France. Former pupil of the School Freinet of Vence (Alpes-Maritimes) where she enters in 1964 - she is 4 years old -, she is today a painter and an illustrator of books for children. She begins creating very early in her childhood, since this particular educational framework give her the chance of the encouragement to imagine and the freedom to create. Thus, Marysia always painted! She likes to compare the act to paint to a dance. Her “dance” is spontaneous, without prejudice, a dance of improvisation, often very coloured, at the same time real and dreamed. She does not hesitate to return behind, to obliterate, or to destruct a drawing or a fabric which she does not like. Marysia Milewski is in touch with the country of her childhood, she asserts it. Whatever her art impregnates paper or canvas, or that it is of painting or illustration, her art comes from the depths of a birth sensitivity, that little among us wants to let be expressed. Fear of being naked, perhaps? Marysia likes paper; she tears it, she crumples it, folds it, colours it, scrapes it, assembles it, letting it question us on a her own vision of the world. The characters whom she imagines got a strange wisdom and a joy in life contagious. A world of magic warm tints, a world which always scans our hearts! The steps of Marysia’s life always went in the prints of the art steps , apprentice lithographer to the Gallery Chave of Vence, following classes to the applied arts school in Warsaw (Poland), then in Cestochowa, she becomes an assistant of the artist Cecily Sash in “Granary Painting Schools” and, in England, in Herefordshire. From 1984 to 1990, Marysia Milewski works for the Maeght Foundation bookshop in Saint Paul de Vence, then for the Maeght Gallery in Paris. She takes part in the classification of Adrien Maeght’s collection. Multidisciplinary artist, she is present in many collective and monographic exposures in France and abroad.

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