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Jean Guilhem

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Jean Guilhem

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From 01/04/2008to 01/09/2008
From as far as he remembers, Jean Guilhem has always dreamt about being a painter, he will be . . . an architect. From his earliest age, Jean draws: portraits of his schoolmates, of his sister, he always carries a pencil in his pocket. For him a white page is already a space where everything remains possible. Young man, in the army, he is still drawing, this time his comrades. He will never give up drawing, later moving on naturally towards colors and painting. Born in 1944, he is a native of Pau. However Jean Guilhem will be raised in Lodève, at the bottom of the Causse du Larzac. The rough landscapes of his youth will remain of big importance for the man he will become. Thus, Jean has a particular affection for stones, the type encountered on dirt roads; so Jean loves raw elements and unrefined material – A magnificent slate of Raoul Ubac shines by its presence in his house/art-studio. He is 14 when by chance, life brings him to Cannes where he still lives and works. Now at the end of his career, Jean whishes to devote his time to his art. He is in a state of constant quest ; despite his already big production, he considers learning a life long process. Jean Guilhem believes he is lacking lucidity in front of his own work, which sounds both healthy and reassuring for us. He talks about « letting go » in front of his canvas, insists about always being without pre-conceived ideas in front a new blank support. An artist who doubts about himself and accepts the way people look at his work. His ultimate wish, probably the one of a real artiste is to « grasp the moment » and he likes to repeat Alberto Giacometti' words: « I know what I see when working ». There is a lot of intimacy in Jean Guilhem's work, a moving silent sensivity. We should not neglect to say that Jean has a keen interest in Japanese culture, particulary (its way of sensing,) its sensitivity and aloofness. Our art gallery is happy to present his lovely work. As far as we are concerned, we wish him to keep on picking up stones on his life path as a man and as an artist. Trying hard to see the magic surrounding us and that our imperfect eyes can barely not see.

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