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Shu Lin CHEN

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From 05/12/2011to 05/04/2012
Shu Lin Chen is born in Taipei (Taiwan) in 1967. She graduated from The Taipei National Institute of Arts in 6 years of studies (1987-1992). Two years later in 1994, she moves to France and settles in Paris. The following year in 1995, she joins the Atelier Contrepoint (former Atelier 17 until Stanley William Hayter's death in 1988). For many decades the Atelier 17 is worldwide known). Very quickly, Shu Lin Chen gets into etching and learns little by little how to master Hayter's techniques in etching and printing.

The artist feels immediatly confortable with the spirit and philosophy that reigns in the Atelier. Do the walls still echo the Hayter's lessons? At that time Hector Saunier runs the Atelier 17 (he is himself a former student of Hayter as well as the Atelier's co-manager together with Hayter). In 1996, she is an official assistant at the Atelier. She offers to help other etchers and teach them how to reproduce « simultaneous » inkings on a same plate. She sticks to the ways her master founded the Atelier based on specific etching techniques. Shu Lin Chen says : « He surimposes a certain number of lines like a musical score. Lines are juxtaposed with matching colors. Thus, his harmonies are music. » Robert Marteau, poet, writes : « It comes back to me a birdsong from the mountain. Is it a flute? Is it fire blazing? Wherever we are, sun is always rising east. Shu Lin Chen gets her colored inks from waters and flames deep down from her memories as she goes along sthrenghening her endless learnings like in any job – even in poetry since it is about making appear what never had been. »
Shu Lin Chen's works is exhibited in many personal exhibitions in France and abroad (Taiwan, Chile, Italy, Belgium), the Taiwanese artist is present essentially in international collective events linked to graphic art (Peru, Taiwan, Malaisia,Japan, Hong Kong, Sweden, Norway or England and Russia).

Her work both patient and gestural has to do with silence, harmony, Nature (The infinetely big and small), magic and The unknown, always towards meeting her own self.
We hope for people who do not know her yet that you will enjoy her work.

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