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Remo Giatti

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From 20/06/2013to 01/10/2013
Remo Giatti is born in Grosio (Italy), in a small village from the Valtellina, near the Swiss border. A Country of mountains and rocks, a country with particularly strong folk traditions. The numerous rock carvings dating of 5000 years ago founded there become for him an endless source of inspiration for his graphic work.
He completed his graduate studies in Milan and his MA in architecture. After spending twenty years in Milan public administration, he questioned strongly his life. Remo Giatti deliberately turns to a life more in line with his aspirations and passion for art.
As an artist, he begins to exhibit when he is 20 years old with a series of introspective drawings ; they open for him the way of experimentation in the world of engraving, wood engraving, lithography and drawing, with works on paper and collages. Remo Giatti is now seeking his own style, his own pictorial version, by using the engraving plate as a true "relief" on which he combines different techniques.
Remo Giatti refines these techniques by attending classes at the Venice International Graphic School, with Riccardo Licata, heir to the "innovators" expressive line  (Henri Goetz, Johnny Friedlaender, Stanley William Hayter and his famous Worshop 17) ; and also works in Salzburg at the International School with Strawalde and Nitsch, then in the Trahklhaus workshop. His encounters with the Belgian artist Enk De Kramer and especially the one with Luca Crippa, first indisputable actor of the Italian graphic world (with whom he binds a lasting friendship), is also crucial to establish his way.
Other encounters in the Milanese galleries or in exhibitions, only confirm to him his path (the photographer Mario Giacomelli, Gianni Dova, Emilio Vedova, Giancarlo Vitali, the Linati workshop, the poetess Alda Merini, etc.) and help him in the pursuit of his artistic training, establishing his taste and by forging him a generous and disinclined character. The long conversations with the sculptor Mario Negri, his encouragement and example, encourage Remo Giatti to continue in the world of engraving, beyond the inevitable moments of despair.
Remo Giatti decide to practice all the techniques of the press, becoming his printer of his own plates in his own studio, however he works with artists from all around the world to make small books, brochures and more, also exchanging hundreds of Works to create a small personal "Pocket Museum".
His graphic work consists of 400 to 500 prints (he did not count all of them!) in very small print (usually between 10 and 20 events). A hundred of them has for theme the mountain. They are evocative images where the domination of the magic and sacred mingle with suggestions of archaeological, ethnographic, surreal and abstract research.
The engraved work of Remo Giatti has been particularly honored at the International Exhibition of Kiwa in Kyoto, Japan (2003 and 2011).
We are happy to present his beautiful work, hoping that your eyes will be attracted, like ours, by these mysterious peaks.

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