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Gérald Foltête

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From 18/11/2013to 15/03/2014
Gerald Foltête is certainly an eclectic artiste, working on various platforms (paintings; drawings; sculpture; installations; films; furniture; lighting etc....) managing to create nonetheless a unifying poetry. Before our interview with him, we "met" various times in our....inbox, through which he regularly sends us one of his pieces, always very interesting.
Born in 1966 (in Gustave Courbet's region), Gérald Foltête passionately took up painting at the age of 14, he attended classes at The Fine Art School of Besançon for two years.  At that time, he was very impressed by Surrealism and in particular Dali. He discovered Japanese calligraphy for which he is still fond of the lyrismes, softness and contrast. At 18, the young man struggled to cut loose from his models and stopped painting.
 His life, in the first instance took him to other occupations: concert producer, wine merchant, cinema producer - and to another passion of his - film director in advertising, creating documentaries, short films and music videos. In 1992, he graduates from l'Ecole Supérieure de réalisation audio-visuelle, and for many years is a freelance photographer. After various start-ups, in London and in France, he starts up an advertising agency for the Middle East. Despite his important clients, international companies, he decided to closes his companies in 2008 in order to devote himself entirely to art, he moved back to France in 2009.
 These drawings and painting, are a good example of his oneiric universe, where recurring themes intertwine such as mountains, music, women and the famous "unlikely machines";
Hundertwasser once said: “When we dream alone it is only a dream, but when many dream together it is the beginning of a new reality.”
 Gérald Foltête's ambition is to follow through this concept by moving from the dream world into his reality. His art is a delicate balance between the infinities, the artist manages to mix the solidness of minerals, of mountains and the stars with lightness, aerialness, music and space, into a genuine visual poem.
"I think that we are all built, based on our education, and more so on our experiences, artistic or not" said Gérald Foltête. Some works of very young children move him terribly, like many artists of Art Brut, such as Adolf Wolfli and Carlo, by the truth and obsession of their work.  n their likeness, Gérald Foltête tries to produce works, separating the environment and life's necessities (success, money, etc)
 Eclectic taste! Including Jerôme Bosch; Gustave Courbet for his rejection of the established order, the Dada movement, Arp and Chillida, under the same roof where each invented shapes that combine weight with lightness in an incredible harmony, Victor Hugo's magnificent drawings, Hundertwasser and Gaudi for their ferociously free spirits, Pierre Soulqges because he focusses on feelings or Josef Beuys for his "social sculpture" concept. The list could be long
 The artist has managed to be free and has been able to transform his passion for art into an art of living. He lives and works in Grasse and has exhibited various times in the region over the last five years. Hoping that our visitors will appreciate his "poems", we would like to wish him all the best!

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