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Sandrine Richard

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From 15/09/2014to 15/04/2015
Sandrine Richard is born in Paris in 1969. As a passionate young woman, she gets interested in painting very early. She studies at the "Ecole de Publicité Graphique" in Paris at the end of the eighties (Ecole de dessin technique et artistique Sornas, from 1987 till 1990). Several experiences linked to art bring her to Morsang/Orge (Essone), then to Villiers-Saint-Denis (Aisne, Picardie) where she decided to apply for an Esthetic School. Then, she settles in the South of France in 1999 (Plascassier). The expresses herself through painting " an inner necessity that imposes its law like Kandinsky used to say". She goes back to work : drawings, canvases and prints. She is an outside stakeholder on art in different schools around Cannes. 

Sandrine Richard, very early, tries hard to show her work. She is involved in many collective exhibitions on the French Riviera (Vence, Valbonne, Cannes, Toulon, Nice, Fréjus, Saint Tropez, etc) and luckily some others exhibitions are only about her artwork (Cannes, Théoule, etc). Her first works can be disturbing. She tries to express sensuality and life power. Her works convey human loneliness, soul darknesses, buried fears inside bodies. 
Isn't it one way to exorcize our own invisible dark side or to manage to get rid of our own chains? That way, Sandrine Richard also wants to explore love, sex and human beauty.

Her pictorial tastes are precise. Among others, she mentions Otto Dix, Munch, Balthus, Alberto Giacometti, Nicolas de Staël, Francis Bacon - some of her works are a tribute to him -, Jean Rustin, Lucian Freud, Schiele or else Ernest Pignon-Ernest.

"It's not a question of showing what's invisible but rather it's trying to incorporate the resonance of our intimate life and to carry it as flag of legitimate freedom" writes A. de Curtyl in a paper  about the artist. Sandrine Richard talks about this inner space that operates in each one of us with more or less strength. "I am throwing in my work the strength of my feelings" 

At the same time, in addition to her work as a painter that  waves between figuration and abstraction, she evolves and works in the photographic world. Today, she lives and works in Cannes. Wish her all the best!

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