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Etienne Bideau-Rey

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From 15/04/2015to 15/09/2015
Born in Kourou, Guyane in 1975, Etienne Bideau-Rey studies at the Saint Luc Institute of Tournai -Belgium (The Art of the Image) from 1993 to 1995 then at the Fine Arts Royal Academy in Liège in the scenography field. He pursues studies from 1996 till 1999 at the National Higher School of Puppet Arts in Charleville-Mézières (ESNAM). He gets his degree in Artistic Arts (DMA).
He is an eclectic artist and follows, since the early 2000, a career essentially oriented towards : choregraphy, performance and scenography. As a choregrapher and director, he also explores fine arts using different médiums such as drawing, cartoons and illustration. The, sculpture, painting and drawing become important.
Regarding his graphic implication, the artist joins on a regular basis several collective exhibitions in particular in the following galleries : Chatou, Bern, Sèvres, Senlis and Malaucène.
His compositions often represent strange characters alone or in groups surrounded by dark auras coming from a remote past. Are they real? Met all along his life and all darkened and dressed up?
From his early age, the artist has been fascinated by illustrations coming from mythological books (Minotaur, centaur etc) and later on by japanese masks of Nô actors. But also, one has to keep in mind the sense of humor in his work.
Etienne Bideau-Rey expresses himself on a canvas but his work is essentially realized on paper (ink, charcoal, dark stone, transfer, feltpen). This mixed technique, used on a regular basis allows him to give a hazy effect almost ethereal to his works. The very thin paper supporting this work has its own importance participating to the lightness, adding light wrinkles to the whole harmony.
If he is asked to mention few influencing painters, there are no surprises : Bellmer, Balthus, Topor, Akira Abé, Music or else Dado. No doubt, there is a connection on different levels with each one of these painters.
Today Etienne Bideau-Rey lives and works in Senlis. We really hope you will enjoy discovering his world through these few artworks.

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