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From 23/09/2015to 15/02/2016
Born in Nantes in 1967, Christine Cavellec, also known as Cryss2C, has gone into abstract pictural art early in her life in a very natural way. However as a student she graduates in chemistry in Lyon where she gets a diploma in ingeneering in 1991.
She manages to work in the environment field and at the same time keeps on his artistic work. She will wait until 2006 to attend classes at the Fine Arts School in Grasse during almost four years. She then finds time to teach abstract art to the prisonners in Grasse allowing them to get a certain sense of freedom during this class.

In order to enrich her work, she starts learning sculpture on stone, this way she is confronted to a dimension that is missing on paper and explores new sensations.
The approach of lithographic techniques also widens her horizons.

Confronted to death once very young, this notion obsesses her and her work let her exorcize her own suffering. Cryss loves to give a tribute to women, to push them forward. Works linked to "Elements" are meant to caracterize her connection to environment and her consciousness when facing the inexorable negative impact of humankind on the planet. She loves Mathematics and is fascinated by Infinite. For her Art and Mathematics are inseparable.

She devotes herself to paper like other people write and choses her creative way in abstract expressionism.
Alone in her studio, in company with her white sheets and pencils, she is merging elements and euphoria becomes real. Each line of her compositions contributes to her balance. She has a real passion for the white sheet, a faithfull and precious friend. She travels from white to line, from line to white....and everything is about exchanging and sharing.

When asked to mention few referent painters, she talks about "Francis Bacon" her favorite one then Ernest Pignon Ernest, the nuagist painter Frédéric Benrath, Franta, Fred Deux,....and many others.

Christine has been living in the Alpes Maritimes for around fifteen years. She had several exhibitons since 2007 in Le

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