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Emmanuel SANSONE

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Emmanuel SANSONE

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From 02/10/2017to 15/02/2018
We thank all the artists who contact us, and we like to help them in discovering their artwork. Last months, we noticed Emmanuel Sansone’s paintings, and we are happy to present them here.

When he was a child Emmanuel Sansone was drawing all the time, and fan of John Byrne (English-Canadian, cartoonist and screenwriter of comics); he dreamed to become a cartoonist for Marvel (one of the best American publisher of comics). The young man was also found of music and particularly… the electric guitar. So, he chose the music. Graduated as a Jazz teacher and Contemporary Music in Academy, he was a teacher of instrument and a vocal coach. Actually, he does guitar demonstration… challenging shredding on Internet for “The best guitarist of the world in 10 videos”. Beyond his fast and furious demonstrations, with his talented musicians, he explored different aesthetics in his compositions. His vibrant musical universe declined between fusion (“Jazz Rock” album), independent rock (“Impossible Man” album) or French glam (“Les filles” of Terence Granchester of whom he was the leader and the composer)… Sure, his chromatic vision of the music influenced his way in painting.

Many years later he came back to drawing and painting. He was fostered by music from Al Jarreau, Chris Cornell, Jeff Buckley and Wayne Shorter, but the skateboard world he frequented, lead him to Hip Hop and Trash, from Tupac rap to Izzy Stradin with heavy “Apetite for destruction”, and towards the universe of the street art. He was interested in this world but also in their roots; his paintings are really influenced by Basquiat, Banksee, Street Art, Manga. Like in music, Emmanuel Sansone likes to create his own pictorial world.  The series of the artworks showed here come from the discovery of a new world. Among an infinite number of worlds in our universe, “Kepler-22b” is one of the first exoplanet where the humans are able to live. This “Super-Earth”, born from the Swan Constellation fed the phantasms of his work. Some people are disconcerted when he represents a man coming in an unknown and enchanting world, but every one is invited to recognize a world as friendly as hostile, as poetical as conceptual. In this travel every thing may enflame the natural curiosity and every one may be… bewitched.

With bright colours of the Street Art, Emmanuel Sansone does acrylic paintings on canvas and draws with Posca on thick and varnished plates of different cardboards.
We know that you will be pleased to discover Emmanuel Sansone’s work.

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