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Mesterou Maria

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From 17/07/2018to 05/02/2019
Maria Mesterou was born in Roumania; she graduated from The Arts Plastiques Institute in Bucarest, she started her carrer with official exhibitions. She is also part of a young group of non-conformist artists and she paints during long open-air stays in a village up in the Carthapians. In the 1970’s, she is allowed -not that easily - to go to Paris for a personal exhibition and there choses exile. She settles in Paris and later on receives the French citizenship. She is offered a studio by the City of Paris so she can totally devote her time to painting and printing. Soon after that, she conceives and prints her works. Screenprints she publishes with the « La tortue » Editions, Pierre Haunt, Art Extension, Rombaldi (Paris) and with the « Editions Galleries » in Melbourne (Australia). Maria Mesterou with her editors and her gallery managers join few international exhibitions and is invited to the main prints fairs.
At the same time, the artist gets many personal exhibitions in French and foreign galleries (Paris, Grenoble, Brussels, Melbourne, etc). From 1985, Maria Mesterou reduces her etching/screenprinting activity to focus more and more on painting. She will exhibit several times at the « Salon Grands et Jeunes d’Aujourd’hui » then at the « Salon d’Automne »  where she becomes a member.
Maria Mestrerou realized several frescoes, state orders for few schools in the Parisian area. Several of her works are part of the French State, of the City of Paris, of the Hauts de Seine prefecture, of the Edmond de Rothschild Financial Company, of the Pernod Ricard Foundation, of the Gravelines Museum as well as of American foundations and collections. She is awarded the Bronze Medal of French Mérite for Arts Plastiques, the Price of « Salon de Vésinet » in 1977. Maria Mesterou will be invited for a long period by the « Manufacture des Gobelins » and the « Mobilier National (Paris) » to teach painting and her different techniques in training courses.
Maria Mesternou’s world is made of mysterious things. The space that contains them often communicates with the stretch of remote horizons and even the cosmos and the strange charge that carry these items transfigures it. With subtile tones, her art talks about silence, dream is omnipresent; mystery, oddity, supernatural, infinitely large are all palpable, a performance that may be looking for a lost dimension.

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