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J.-M. Goumy

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J.-M. Goumy

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From 05/02/2019to 05/09/2019
Jean-Michel Goumy, professional musician - singer and accordionist - had been interested in photography for many years. The discovery, in 2007, of the creative path in which he has been expressing himself for a dozen years now, was imposed on him by the greatest of all chance. It was on the occasion of the acquisition of a first... mobile phone and thanks to the function allowing you to take photographs; the adventure began in Fécamp, by the sea, in front of a beautiful sunset. He was so surprised by the result of the first shot that distorted reality into a fantastic vision that it was a real click for him. It will be the Metamorphoses.
It is a personal and unique look at the world around us; Jean-Michel Goumy is a sensor of images hidden behind reality, a kind of catcher of dreams and magic (dear to the Amerindians).
"What our eyes see is only appearance," the artist often says. What is hidden behind objects, landscapes, beings, shapes, colours, lights? Photography is the extension of the inner gaze towards a world in perpetual motion. »
The artist's photographic work is happily articulated around two "ways" that are both close and distant, abstraction and figuration, inhabited by unexpected apparitions. In either case, the spaces are of great harmony, connecting the infinitely large and the microscopic with surprising beauty. A vision of the world that seems to belong only to him, when in reality it is simply a version, certainly eminently poetic, of the world we live in.   
Mixing colours, shapes and lights, inventing, interpreting, the artist creates every day the conditions to receive the gift of multiple surprises, deliberately placing himself in an endless adventure. As if pushed by a force whose power he ignores, he leaves, walks, with his eye and open heart, never knows in advance the result, letting himself be guided by the quest for this universe that is still almost unknown to us. Jean-Michel Goumy has set himself the goal of making us dream and his images inevitably open up this field in us in a "physical" approach, a way of freeing ourselves from time and ordinary space.
If we look closely, we will see that there is a surrealist approach in Jean-Michel Goumy's artistic creation, a world that "floats" between real and unreal, a kind of poem of light where images are sources of questioning and evocation, but also of pleasure.
It should be noted that the prints of the artist's photographs, all realized in 2017, are made by the technique of subligraphy*, a process that allows the reproduction of very high quality images.
We hope you will enjoy discovering some of his work!

* Subligraphy: Thermal sublimation is a process developed over several decades in the industry. Today, it allows high-quality photographic reproduction on very resistant rigid supports (aluminium plates for example), practically unalterable inside and out.

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