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Charlotte Bressollette

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Charlotte Bressollette

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From 25/10/2019to 15/04/2020
Plastic artist Charlotte Bressollette was born in Angers in 1982; she now lives and works in Paris. After studying developmental psychology, she became a model while at the same time engaging in creation. After a search on photosensitive paper and other forgotten photographic supports, she finally finds the material that corresponds to her: dry pastel. The artist challenges himself to put the material at the service of contemporary art by using new media, and by deploying it on large formats, to give it its full scope.Between abstraction and figuration, real and imaginary, the works we show you here represent the energy of universal nature. In resonance with their time, these works give us a sense of the end of the world; the artist projects the sublime as a state of stupor, a mixture of powerlessness, fascination and horror in the face of the violent manifestations of nature destroyed by man himself. The shadows meet at dusk and highlight the destructive opposite: our dark, destructive part. This is what Charlotte Bressollette calls the "Borderlines". The artist's works always seem to go beyond the initial limits, continuing in the immensity of an absolute nature, both likely to give birth to you or engulf you, in unlimited spaces that seem to extend beyond the conceivable.Charlotte Bressollette claims a certain continuity of Mark Rothko's late work haunted by romantic landscape painting; isn't she also a natural daughter of the "nuagists" movement, thinking particularly of Frédérique Benrath?On paper, on blackboard or slate, Charlotte Bressollette follows the steep, and therefore particularly difficult, path of an art that addresses the soul, a face to face, a soul to soul.She has now been exhibiting for several years, mainly in group exhibitions and private galleries (France, Japan). The artist has a website: www.charlottebressollette.comWe hope you will enjoy discovering some of this wonderful work!

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