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Spyros Kritikos

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From 17/04/2020to 15/10/2020
The Greek painter Spyros Kritikos, born in 1960, lives and works in Athens. He studied art at the Athens College of Fine Arts from 1981 to 1986. In 1987 he won a scholarship from his school to continue his studies in Paris. As soon as he arrived in France, he enrolled at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris and worked in the studios directed by Vladimir Velickovic and Henri Cueco; he also attended the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Paris, participating in the Peinture-Espace workshop under the direction of Denis Rival. Spyros Kritikos paints Nature. His familiarity with the various materials of Art has developed thanks to his involvement in the restoration and renovation of orthodox Byzantine icons, which he is involved in parallel to his personal work; it will push him to research, experiment and invent different means of expression with the aim of constantly renewing his painting, an objective that remains at the heart of his artistic interests. In 2000, Spyros Kritikos moved from the centre of Athens to a quieter suburb close to the sea; new stimuli are now offered to him thanks to the contact with nature! At the beginning of the century, he abandoned the trompe l'oeil, still life and musical representations that had characterized his work until then. The continuous observation of the presence of the Sun and the Sea, of the Sky and the Horizon during the alternation of the seasons and the phenomena of variations in the weather with clouds, rain, wind or the lull of the elements, now enriches his painting; with these new subjects, the artist focuses mainly on the rotation of the representation of the grey cloudy sky or the blue sky, often with the discreet presence of the sea. Anxious to lighten his works, Spyros Kritikos will gradually develop his techniques of expression. The artist now mixes soil in the preparation of his canvas, creating a shallow relief of the surface on which he paints. During the realization of his canvas, the element of relief is in cooperation with the colorization of the work giving a variety of materials and an undeniable personal artistic quality. Spyros Kritikos' painting of the last fifteen years could be divided into two periods: the older period is distinguished by Realism and the obsession to represent the subject by its physical reality; during this period, clouds occupy the largest space on the surface of the painting and constitute the main theme of each work. The most recent period is characterized by a more abstract representation. Spyros Kritikos has had several solo exhibitions, mainly in Athens and Paris, as well as numerous group exhibitions. We hope that you will enjoy discovering some of this magnificent work!

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