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Géraldine Garçon

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Géraldine Garçon

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From 16/09/2020to 15/03/2021
Géraldine Garçon was born in Rennes in 1979. After spending her adolescence in South America, she returned to France to continue her studies at the École des Arts décoratifs de Paris. In 2002, having just graduated, Géraldine Garçon crossed paths with the "Association pour l'estampe et l'art populaire". For three years, she taught intaglio, while developing her approach as a draftswoman and engraver. She participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions and directed an engraving workshop in South Africa. In 2007, the young woman was awarded first prize at the Biennale de l'Estampe de Saint-Maur.  Travel and the practice of drawing on the pattern are at the heart of her approach. Some artists feed mainly on their imagination but for her, the trigger of an image is always reality; a small piece of reality which, by its singularity, strangeness or beauty, extracts itself from the rest of the world to become a subject. Seizing all the opportunities that are given to her to travel to new horizons, she has thus made many travel diaries. Some of them have been published by Magellan et Compagnie: "Croatia" in 2005, "Voyage en Turquie" in 2006, and more recently "Oman, impressions" (2020).  After spending two years in Barcelona, Géraldine set up her workshop in the south of France, in Béziers, where she teaches and practices etching. With her fellow photographer, Daniel Mielniczek, she continues to discover and portray new territories. Her work can also be seen on her website:  Her references range from the great Japanese masters Hokusai and Hiroshige, where she appreciates above all the economy of means and the art of suggestion, to the Nabis: Edouard Vuillard, Pierre Bonnard, Félix Vallotton who dazzle her with their ability to reveal the magic of everyday life.  Hoping that you will enjoy discovering, through these few prints, her beautiful work!

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