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A grave for XXth century artists

The idea behind this section is to pay tribute to all the long-gone twentieth artists by putting together the entire set of pages "tribute to...." currently presented on our website. Through the 342 artists or so, you will discover their graves and some elements regarding their death. We wanted to have a thought for all of those who have made our life more colorful. Forever.

"Don't think I'm dead just because the newspapers have said so. I'll make myself more humble than I am now. I have to. I am counting on you reader, on you who will read me, one of these days, on you reader. Don't leave alone with the dead, just like a soldier that doesn't receive letters. Chose me among them, for my huge anxiety and my huge desire. Talk to me then, please, I need it." Henri Michaux

Sorry for our friends of english language, the pages of details of these tributes are not translated.

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