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Fabienne Bara

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Fabienne Bara


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Visual artist and etcher, Fabienne Bara lives and works in Toulon (Var) since 1993. From her youngest age, she is fascinated by drawing and puts her dreams down on paper, pencil in hand. Multiple circumstances in her life leads her to move around and modify her aspirations. She starts studying Art History in the early seventies and quits after a year.
Practicing etching seemed to her chimeric but attractive. Her path is long and atypical until she feels confortable around this very demanding etching technique. Fabienne Bara then owns a small gallery specialized in art prints in Paris, in the meantime she does different trainings in several Parisian etching studios. Getting her own studio in 1984 (Ablon/Seine, 94) is the logical outcome. The artist settles for 5 years in Africa (1988-1992, Douala, Cameroun) discovering others sources of inspiration fulfilling her imagination.
Etching is for her a passion endlessly renewed, enriched with different experiences. Thus from 1996 to 2008, she collaborates with many galleries allowing her to practice etching and experimental printing techniques, and to experience book printings.
Make no mistake about it, if human figures do not appear in her etchings, mankind is omnipresent. Laundry flapping in the wind waiting to be picked up, abandoned empty chairs, windows opened showing the way to freedom : Fabienna Bara gives everyone the chance to be guided by their own feelings and make up their own stories.
Obviously, what Fabienne Bara likes the most is observation : that is why she loves travelling, reading, photography, architecture and design. In the wide world of art prints, she does not really know which artists to mention, they are so many of them, however Rembrandt, Soulages, Trignac, Escher or Hopper are among her favorite ones.
She exhibited many times in France and abroad (England, Italy, Belgium, etc.) alone or together with other artists. Bara obtains the Hasegawa Award from the Taylor Foundation in 2009. From that year, she is back to traditional etching techniques. To see more of her works, here is her website :

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