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Julio Gonzalez

Matter-space-body and spirit. I want to build with the space that represents for me a real material.

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Emblematic figure of the artistic creation of the first half of the twentieth century and father of the iron sculpture, Julio Gonzalez has had a considerable influence on contemporary sculpture. He is born in Barcelona in 1876 into a family of goldsmiths and blacksmith art. He apprentices in the family workshop (1891-1898). The young man exhibits decorative art objects and jewelry in different . . .

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Beyond works currently in stock, it seemed to me useful to combine business with pleasure by letting you discover others works by artists in my gallery. These artworks, now sold or removed from our website, have been in our stock in the past. These pages will undoubtedly make it possible for some of you to associate an image with its title or the other way round, for others it will be a good time to discover more on such and such artist. For the sake of confidentiality – the pieces being no longer available – we won't display neither their numbering or their price. For whatever reason, make sure to visit this amazing art database with to date 6441 online works just for your pleasure! Michelle Champetier

The works presented on this page are not available anymore.
Single work Single work de Gonzalez Julio : Round buttons
Round buttons
1925-1930 Set of 4 original round silver plated metal buttons. Certificate by Mrs. V. Grimminger in process
Single work Single work de Gonzalez Julio : Oval buttons
Oval buttons
1925-30 Set of 4 original oval buttons with two holes. Copper enamelled, coppered colors. Certificate by Mrs. V. Grimminger in process
Single work Single work de Gonzalez Julio : Bracelet
1925-1930 Original bracelet made of 8 half-spheres in blue enamelled copper. Certificate by Mrs. V. Grimminger in process
Single work Single work de Gonzalez Julio : Necklace
1925-1930 Original necklace made of 17 half-spheres in rosy-red enamelled copper. Certificate by Mrs. V. Grimminger in process

Catalogue(s) raisonné(s)

Catalogue(s) raisonné(s)
* « Les dessins », Josette Gibert, Bernard Dorival, 9 volumes thématiques, Ed. Carmen Martinez, Paris, 1975 All the "catalogues raisonnés"

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To read from the artist :
  • « H. Hartung dialogue avec J. G. », C. Stoullig, Ed. C. Pompidou, Paris, 1991
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  • + CUBISM / 1907-1925 / Robert Delaunay, Marcel Duchamp, Charles Dufresne, Jacques Lipchitz, Jean Metzinger, etc.
  • + SURREALISM / 1924-1969 / Marcel Duchamp, Dora Maar, Kurt Schwitters, Taro Okamoto, Antonio Berni, etc.
  • + MODERN SCULPTURE / 1930-1970 / William Kenneth Armiage, Constantin Brancusi, Anthony Caro, Naum Gabo, Pablo Gargallo, Isamu Noguchi, etc.
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