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Oskar Kokoschka

The creator has a duty to release what darkens the mind of man.

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Master of the hidden meaning and internal purpose of cities, things and people, Oskar Kokoschka is born in Poechlarn (Austria) in 1886. He attends the School of Decorative Arts in Vienna (1904-1909). Friend and fellow student of Egon Schiele, he is influenced by Klimt. Kokoschka works in the very famous "Viennese Workshops" founded by the architect Josef . . .

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Beyond works currently in stock, it seemed to me useful to combine business with pleasure by letting you discover others works by artists in my gallery. These artworks, now sold or removed from our website, have been in our stock in the past. These pages will undoubtedly make it possible for some of you to associate an image with its title or the other way round, for others it will be a good time to discover more on such and such artist. For the sake of confidentiality – the pieces being no longer available – we won't display neither their numbering or their price. For whatever reason, make sure to visit this amazing art database with to date 6441 online works just for your pleasure! Michelle Champetier

The works presented on this page are not available anymore.
Lithograph poster de Kokoschka Oskar : Olympics games of Munich
Olympics games of...
1972 Poster printed in screenprint, signed in the plate, realized for the Olympics games of Munich. Olympia GmbH Ed., München. Without
Etching de Kokoschka Oskar : Woman’s head
Woman’s head
1964 (?) Original monotype, monogrammed in the plate. unknown

Catalogue(s) raisonné(s)

Catalogue(s) raisonné(s)
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To read from the artist :
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  • + EXPRESSIONISM / 1900-1932 / Cuno Amiet, Auguste Chabaud, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Otto Mueller, Emil Nolde, Egon Schiele, Chaïm Soutine, etc.
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