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Pierre Cayol

"I seek nothing, I go and I receive."


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Pierre Cayol is born in Salon-de-Provence in 1939. His encounter in Eygalières with Marcel Féguide (1956) of whom he becomes the pupil, has a great influence on his career. He studies art at the School of Decorative Arts of Grenoble, and continues with classes in Industrial Aesthetic at the School of Applied Arts in Paris (1960-1962). After a short stint at the School of Fine Arts in Paris, he follows the courses of the Julian Academy in Paris (1964-1966). Drawing soon becomes for him a sort of second nature. Thus, drawing is the solid foundation of his work. From an early age, Pierre Cayol attaches a great place to graphic work; it can be explained by these two particularities : the attachment of the artist to painters who have both draw and engrave such as Rembrandt, Goya, Daumier, Braque and Picasso, to name a few.
After a first small exhibition when he is only 25 years old (Salon of Montsauve, 1964) and a first solo exhibition that same year (Arles), many exhibitions, personal and collective, show his work over the years in France and abroad (Canada, Switzerland, Korea, Japan, USA, Italy, etc.). In addition, Pierre Cayol becomes associative member of the Salon of Autumn in Paris in 1984.
Pierre Cayol has built a large graphic work; if he has achieved many individual prints, the bulk of his prints and his linocuts are designed to illustrate his fellow poets and writers (Marc Alyn, Yves Berger, Jean Joubert, Joseph Pacini, Nohad Salameh, Jean Rousselot, among others). Pierre Cayol is passionate of poetry and he has naturally contributed to more than fifty artists' books, works of bibliophiles.
Passionate by Indians of North America, Pierre Cayol stays regularly (several months per year for almost 20 years!) in the Indian territories of Arizona and New Mexico, among Navajos, Apaches, Hopis and Pueblos among which he has many friends and where he also works in harmony with "Mother Earth". The great writer and poet N. Scott Momaday, his friend, writes: "He sees the landscape like Indians do, he feels it deeply, in his spiritual dimension, admires it with reverence." With his wife, Marie, they are authors of a beautiful book published by Editions du Rocher 2005: "Apache - The people of Women painted in white".
Pierre Cayol lives and works in Tavel (near Avignon, Gard) since 1968. He is a young man of 70 years with wondering eyes, full of kindness and discretion, aware of the beauty of the world, a man ready to give and receive, a man of peace and harmony.
"Will we ever live, will we ever walk in this picture that looks like you?" writes Charles Baudelaire.

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Complete work(s)
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To read from the artist :
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