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Wilfriede Doppelfeld

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Wilfriede Doppelfeld

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From 01/10/2005to 01/02/2006
Wilfriede Doppelfeld loves details and at the same time is longing for wide open spaces. Out of these oposites she develops her paintings and drawings. She lives in the city (Cologne) as well as in the countryside (Balk, The Netherlands). These changes sharpen her view. She follows traces, regards them and gives them an abstract touch: a piece of brick, pavements, old pieces of wood, clouds, a line on the horizon, reeds in the wind... "Painting is a process, a movement, an adventure: On the ezel there is an empty piece of paper. I touch it with my brush here or there, spots of colour appear and the emptiness vanishes. I take a line or two. They already belong to the picture. This is only the beginning. I've got to decide how to go on. There are a lot of possibilities but perhaps only one is right. It's like a dance between the growing piece of work and me and the tension stays on untill the last stroke. Wilfriede Doppelfeld was born in Bremen, 1937. In the 70's she becomes fascinated by the Frisian landscape (in the Netherlands). She starts photography, and then in the late 80's starts drawing and painting. She's had various exhibitions in both Germany and The Netherlands.

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