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Anne-Marie Guerchet-Jeannin

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Anne-Marie Guerchet-Jeannin

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From 01/02/2010to 01/07/2010
We got "acquainted" with the work of the couple Guerchet-Jeannin during a summer exhibition on the walls of the Chapel on the High Street in Cazals (Lot, France) in 2008. Works from Pierre, acrylics and prints are presented on our web page for several months now. Through the 12 works proposed there, now comes the time to discover the beautiful work of Anne-Marie! After studying at the School of Applied Arts and the School of Fine Arts in Paris (Legueult workshops for painting, Bertholle for wall art and Licata for the mosaic), Anne-Marie attempts immediately after the adventure of art.
The artist works in this direction for over 30 years. After a first experience in Cahors, the personal exhibitions of Anne-Marie succeeds with great regularity from 1975 on; in recent years galleries or city spaces as Agen, Bordeaux, Paris, Dreux, Montauban, Aix-les-Bains or Toulouse, show her work. Similarly, Anne-Marie Guerchet-Jeannin participates in many exhibitions and Salons for over three decades.
The artist, as you will discover, works on one of the oldest theme of art history: the human body. However, she has an entirely personal "manner" of treating it. The artist subtly seeks balances and imbalances, the flesh gathered or dislocated, the part held from the one that is disjointed, the unity of body and its multiplicity. The One and the Many. Anne-Marie reinvents "the man and his precarious balance in the vertigo of unnecessary agitation".
The artist paints, draws, makes prints and murals, creating step by step a world both secret and universal, a mirror world where people can rediscover a part of themselves, against their own depth and sensitivity. "The short man lost, panicked. His eye stripe of light, the form has disappeared. In his tumble, he dreams scattered, " writes the artist. Another way of seeing the world, through man, is proposed here: "His expression does not reside in the features of a face, but in the movement and disposal of all the work," writes Anne-Marie. Anne-Marie, like Pierre, divides her time between Paris and the Lot. We hope that everyone will enjoy - as we did - discovering some of her "visions".

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