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Jacques Renoir

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From 01/02/2006to 01/06/2006
Atavism obliges - great-grandson of Auguste Renoir, nephew of Jean Renoir -, Jacques Renoir very early affirms his passion for the image and photography. National graduate of the School of the Photography of the Cinema, Louis Lumière, he is the assistant of the most famous directors photographs and directors (Vadim, Claude Sautet, Granier Deferre, Lewis Gilbert, John Frankenheimer, etc). Its curiosity to discover the world involves Jacques in the wake of Calypso and Cousteau ; during 7 years, he films and carries out the episodes of the famous series TV. Jacques Renoir connects with great reports for television : Bengladesh, North Korea, Lebanon, etc. He joins again with France with the cinema and the fictions TV, like "Navarro". He is the author of a biographical novel on his famous great-grandfather, Auguste Renoir ("Le tableau amoureux", Fayard, 2003) ; this book is currently in cinematographic draft amendment. The passion of Jacques Renoir remains, since always, photography. The pictures which he seizes during its tours reappear by the magic of the numerical one. He tests. The twelve photographs "Prints" that we present to you here form part of an important work who will be introduced, very soon, at the Museum of the Photography of Mougins (Alpes-Maritimes, France), then at the Gallery Bernheim-Jeune (Paris), the next summer. These "Prints" tend, obviously, towards a plastic expression near to painting. Jacques Renoir profits from the support of the company Canon-France.

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