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Marie-Noëlle Gonthier

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Marie-Noëlle Gonthier

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From 17/09/2012to 15/01/2013
In sufism, one says that looking at a beautiful landscape not only causes amazement and pleasure but also desire just because the subject can not blend in with the object of his contemplation.... A desire that would be first nostalgia or a « divine hunch » and only the ones that are able to « remember » and dive into their inner self can fuse the object of contemplation with the subject.
Marie-Noëlle Gonthier studied at the Fine Arts School in Lyon where she first learnt etching than collage. She got a scholarship and obtained residency for two years in Madrid at the Casa de Velasquez. She nows lives and works in Savasse (Drôme - France).
Today, collage has been replaced by « pictural materials » of colored juices and pastel. With the « Livres d'Heures » series, figures are coming out of colored depths conjuring up Giotto's frescoes. Later on, horizon lines are appearing, sharing space between hills or water stretches and huge sky. They will be « Terres d'ombre », « Matins du monde » and « Matinaux ».
There will be tree rubbings, bark traces on lavis called « Elégies ». For other series, the artist will chose tracing over imprints to claim a presence. The recent series « Cinabre » offers a large range of reds and their shades in gorgious compositions.
My work is based essentially around paintings and collage. My most recent series are more figurative than they used to be. Sometimes by what they represent or the way they have been realized, they make you think of Quattrocento or Renaissance. I am just trying to answer the mystery of « Beings in the world » considering that according to Henri Maldiney artworks are meant to throw light on yourself.
Work thus of opening of the space and the genesis of the light which makes us present to the world; search was moved by a deep desire, a nostalgia for the source about which speak, each in their way, as well Kandinsky as the mystic Sufi or still the Chinese painters with what they name the "i", notes the artist.
Marie-Noëlle Gonthier we met this summer, exhibits her wonderful artwork at the Galerie Artenostrum in Dieulefit (Drôme); her work reminded us of Anna-Eva Bergman's work. Just as her, her work is full of perceptions and sensitivity with all the deep subtilities of Time and Space.

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